TeleHAIR™ is the brainchild of renowned Hair Restoration Physician and Hair Loss Expert, Dr. Alan Bauman. TeleHAIR™ is a telehealth program designed to virtually connect people with hair and scalp problems to licensed professionals who can help. TeleHAIR™ has evolved from Dr. Bauman’s experience in performing thousands of long-distance, “virtual” consultations for his hair restoration patients over 23 years.

Hair loss, hair breakage, shedding, thinning or receding? Get the answers to common hair loss and hair restoration questions by connecting to Dr. Bauman’s TeleHAIR™ program.

The internet is a minefield of misinformation and weak (or worse, ineffective) non-medical treatments–especially when it comes to hair loss. Every day you spend without accurate information means hair may be permanently lost, and optimum scalp health delayed. Everyday you are using generic medications or consumer devices means you are not fully optimizing your treatment.

Today’s circumstances require that you get accurate information electronically without having to leave the comfort of your home or office. Sure, you can get an online subscription for generic meds in a few clicks, but are those the very best, strongest treatments available? Hardly! TeleHAIR is the only virtual consultation platform that directly connects you via video with one of the most comprehensive, state-of-the-art hair loss treatment centers for a private one-on-one discussion with a licensed professional about your scalp condition, hair loss concerns, and hair restoration goals. Take your regimen to the “next level” with powerful, custom compounded prescription items with more benefits and fewer side effects.

Your local dermatologist may be a “skin doctor,” but likely is not specialized in the treatment of hair loss and hair restoration and likely not certified by the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery, for example. Your local derm is unlikely to have powerful, customized treatments at their disposal to help you fight your hair loss process and help you reach your hair restoration goals.

You may have already started a subscription of generic meds with a popular online pharmacy, but what you’re lacking is true medical advice and the power and safety of custom compounded medications and specialist-only information. What are the qualifications of a physician who reviewed your answers to an electronic form from a standard online pharmacy/subscription service? Licensed, yes. Specialist? Experienced? No!

You don’t need anything other than a smartphone, tablet or laptop with a webcam in order to have a TeleHAIR™ consultation.

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